Main Features

- Reading printed texts from the portable scanner or from the camera which is incorporated.

- Detecting banknotes (Argentinian ones).

- Importing PDF, TXT, Word documents, RTF files, EPUB eBooks, and images from a pendrive or a flash drive

- Extracting relevant information of service invoices.

- Saving the text which has been read in its 16 GB storage.

- Making and saving summaries.

- Spelling words.

- Exporting the text which has been read in audio (WAV) and text (PDF, or in a Word document).

- Using it as a magnifier and visual pursuing of a text, when connecting it to a HDMI screen.

- Making voice notes.

- Setting reading languages in Spanish (latin and Spain), English or Italian.

- Moving through a text by pages, paragraphs, sentences and words.

- Changing the reading speed.

- Conectar auriculares.

- Autonomy of 10 hours.

- It does not need an internet connection.

- Weight: 270 grams.

- Size: 12 cm by 9 cm by 4 cm.

- 1 year warranty.

- With the device PROCER 2, is included a scanner with an 8 GB MicroSD flash drive, a charger, an USB to MicroUSB cable and a users’ guide.

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